The folly of Google Analytics’ exit rates

Have the Web analytics folks designing automated metric reporting for Google Analytics missed a great opportunity to improve the content management of websites? Sure, they had to simplify things to make their automated reports broadly understandable. But simplification doesn’t fully justify their handling of the “Bounce Rate” and “% Exit” rate in the “Content Drilldown” section of Google...

Building your Theme Pool for Web Content

A swim in the pool is refreshing, but what if the pool is full of those critters called themes? Imagine a technology vendor that wants to win new customers by adding more “informational content” to its website. What themes should the new content emphasize? Or, to take one step back, which themes are candidates for emphasis? The potential pool of candidate themes is large and deep, in part because...

Persuasive content and Web advertising

In the past, journalists generated content to serve one master—the public good—while advertisers generated content to serve another—the private good. Journalists’ content provided evidence that it was serving a different master by criticizing the products produced by advertisers. That aspect of the past should continue. The purpose of OpinionPath’s research methodology is not...

Benefits of direct-to-consumer PR

The list of benefits that marketers are accruing from generating their own content continues to grow. Speed. Offers faster dissemination paths than waiting on traditional media’s schedules. High Volume. If the volume of a vendor’s content is large (e.g., a library of how-to videos), social media has the “space” that traditional media does not. Offsets Media’s Shrinkage....

New Media and Content-Marketing Collide

An increasing share of content on technology-media sites is either produced by technology vendors (e.g., white papers) or produced at their behest (e.g., some webinars and mini-sites).  Some of this “vendor content” (as distinct from user-generated content) is excellent.  Some is not.  But the question is, why is so much of it appearing on media sites rather than just on the corporate...
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